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SeeWandel Closing Event
13/14 June 2023, Konstanz (Germany)

After 5.5 years, the Interreg research-project “SeeWandel: Life in Lake Constance – the past, present and future” is coming to an end. Time to present and discuss the project results, exchange ideas and take stock. The project investigated the effects and significance of nutrient decline, climate change, non-native species and other stress factors for the Lake Constance ecosystem, its biodiversity and functioning, as well as the utilisation of lake resources by people.

Tuesday, 13 Juni 2023

Scientific symposium
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Simultaneous translation English to German is available.

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We would like to invite you to discuss with us about pre-alpine lake ecosystems and to present your research with a plenary talk (some slots) or a poster. In addition to the presentation of the SeeWandel project results, we also welcome 3 keynote speakers – Prof. Dr. Meredith Holgerson (Cornell University), Prof. Dr. Alexander Y. Karatayev and Dr. Lyubov E. Burlakova (Great Lakes Center) – and look forward to further contributions.

In the evening: Project closing party on MS Radolfzell
In the evening we would like to celebrate the end of the project with all (former) SeeWandel participants, companions and contributors, the commissions and others interested in the project with a boat tour and party.

Wednesday, 14 Juni 2023

Exchange with practice representatives
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Simultaneous translation German to English and English to German is available.

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The continuous exchange with stakeholders, agencies and local authorities as well as organisations has contributed to the successful implementation of the project. We would like to present the project’s key results, exchange and discuss insights and experiences with you in depth and dare a look into the future. We would also like to welcome Prof. Dr. Alexander Y. Karatayev and Dr. Lyubov E. Burlakova (Great Lakes Center), who will talk about the consequences of the quagga mussel invasion in the Great American Lakes.

Programme, 13 June 2023

Programme, 14 June 2023


Konzil Konstanz, Hafenstr. 2, D-78462 Konstanz


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Konstanzer Konzil

MS Radolfzell

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