First SeeWandel fact sheet published.

In 2016, an algal bloom (mass reproduction) of the Burgundy blood algae occurred in Lake Constance for the first time. Find out in the new fact sheet whether the Burgundy blood algae will henceforth be a dominant inhabitant or rather a rare guest in Lake Constance.


State Garden Show in Überlingen

SeeWandel is represented at this year’s State Garden Show in Überlingen („Landesgartenschau Überlingen”). Visit our exhibition from 15 to 26 September 2021 in the “Pflanzenhaus” (“Villengärten”). We look forward to seeing you.

Experience research up close – We invite young and old to join us on a voyage of discovery. Be enchanted by the underwater world of Lake Constance! Meet researchers involved in the SeeWandel project in person and learn how science really creates knowledge. A varied programme invites you to experience and try things out. 

Exhibition impressions. © Photo: SeeWandel
Ecologist Markus Möst was awarded a START Prize by the Austrian Science Fund. © Photo: FWF/Andreas Friedle

Markus Möst from Innsbruck, one of the seven SeeWandel project partners, has won the prestigious Austrian Research Award “START” for his research on the influence of global change on aquatic ecosystems. This prize is worth a total of around 1.2 million euros and is awarded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF. This excellence funding will enable Markus to continue his research in the coming years. In his project “Ecoevolutionary Dynamics – Gene Flow and Global Change” he will continue to work on the questions and topics addressed in the SeeWandel project. The entire SeeWandel team congratulates Markus Möst on this well-deserved milestone.


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Postdoctoral Position in Aquatic Ecology and Synthesis.

Notification sequencing University of Innsbruck.